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Resilience is one of the most important factors for a successful business. Today’s guest shares valuable lessons on just how to achieve that. Joining Kim Hayden is Raimonda Jankunaite, CEO, Founder, and Mentor of the international women empowerment platform, Women in Business Club. In this insightful episode, discusses the importance of community especially for women in business and how it plays the role in your success personally and professionally. Raimonda also talks about her bestselling book, The Younger Self Letters, and imparts advice for young women entrepreneurs entering the scene. Stay tuned!

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Resilience And Future-Proofing Your Business With Raimonda Jankunaite Of Women In Business Club

I’m working 1 stage, 1 message at a time to empower women across North America and globally to achieve success and leave a legacy for our future generations. I’m so grateful that you are here because when I say globally, I mean globally. We are going to travel across the world. We are keeping the amazing Raimonda Jan. She is joining us here from the UK. Welcome, Raimonda. How are you doing?

Thank you so much, Kim. It’s so wonderful to be here. I will be presenting to your audience and sharing a little bit more about my story. Thank you for this opportunity.

You are the first guest from the UK. We have almost every state and province covered. I can get into this because I watch BBC every day. I feel like I’m already there with you. Let’s jump right into this. Can you share with the audience who you are and what you do?

I’m originally from Lithuania. I have lived in the UK for many years. I’m a serial entrepreneur and podcast host. I’m the Founder of a women empowerment platform called the WomenInBusiness.club. I’m also an author. I love to support other female entrepreneurs and help them to raise their profile, visibility and authority as speakers, coaches and experts. I do that through public speaking, authority building and positioning them in the market space online.

First of all, how many languages do you speak? I’m guessing a couple.

I speak English, Lithuanian and a little bit of Russian. I’m learning Spanish and also Italian. I’m still learning some of these languages.

The complexity of thinking and relaying that speech and everything from one language to the next is pretty cool. You are talented in linguistics, for sure. Share with us why you decided to go on this journey because it’s not easy being an entrepreneur. A lot of times, we are solopreneurs.

KTR 122 | Women In Business

Women In Business: When we have this “I’m open, I’m supportive, I’m coming from a place of collaboration celebrating you,” the other person has no choice but also embrace the same way.


This entrepreneurial journey had me captivated from a very young age. I was probably eighteen when I was already thinking about ideas in businesses. I was always driven to pursue and make an impact in this world. Only when I was 21 years old, I decided not to follow suit of what my friends were doing at university. I decided to start my own business at the age of 21.

At such a young age, as a woman especially, I faced a lot of hurdles. I have been in many networking meetings where I was the only woman on stage, pitching or seeking investments. I have always been that minority. It was hard to make connections with other women because I felt competitive in that space. When you step into networking events, it’s mainly men.

I started doing more female-focused events because I was quite interested in speaking and doing my events. I was shocked by how many people wanted this space in the events, community and support. How different the energy was when it was a woman in a room, how safe they felt, how empowered and open to share and talk. There was none of that competitiveness and candidness that so many women are being labeled with.

I found myself in this space where I wanted to stay and more women wanted more of this. I ended up building a community in a very organic way, which is an international platform called Women in Business Club. We do international events. I spotlight women who have incredible stories through our community events. It’s collaboration. It’s so beautiful doing it together.

I believe in collaboration. We have to shift from that silo-hood to the sisterhood. Interestingly, you brought up this topic of that competitiveness when we are in a male-female environment. Do you believe that because we feel that there’s only room for 30% of this group to be female so, “I’ve got to push out or compete against the other female?” Versus, “Maybe we should have 50% of the room and push out some of the guys?” What is your thought around that when we go into these networking events? It’s an interesting subject.

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I don’t think it’s about fighting for power with men. There is so much social conditioning that has been happening where women have been perceived in a certain way when we step in. Unfortunately, not every woman has had that experience. In these social networks, communities and work environments, maybe another woman has been spending more time and the natural social conditioning is that competitiveness. Naturally, this is how they step into other events.

Every time I do an event, mostly 90% would be women in the room. As soon as they come into the event, their energies ease. They are excited about hearing other women’s stories. There is so much about energy. Especially as hosts or people who go to these events, we carry it within ourselves because that’s the only thing that we can do. When we do have this, “I’m open. I’m supportive. I’m coming from a place of collaboration celebrating you,” the other person has no choice but also embrace the same way. You attract the same. That’s what I truly believe in.

I do believe that we attract like energy. That comes back to the old saying, “You are the sum of those you surround yourself with.” I agree that there is a need and drive for these types of spaces to reset our mental awareness of how we are engaging and collaborating. You are one of the guest speakers that has been invited to the inaugural Resilient Women in Business in Canada. What I want you to do is think deep. Can you give me an example of how you have had to be resilient and how it has affected your business?

In the whole business, you have to be resilient to go through and stay with it because you are often faced with so many challenges. Especially at the beginning of your business, things are not easy. Even when you become successful, maintaining that success is sometimes as hard as getting there. That resilience is the more you go onto this journey of entrepreneurship, which I also call a personal development journey. If you are passionate, driven and dedicated to your business, naturally, you will go through the process of personal development and personal growth.

You will want to become a better leader, speaker or entrepreneur. That takes resilience to continue on that path, even when no results are coming through as quickly as perhaps. We, entrepreneurs, are dreamers. We want things to happen in such a huge way and happen now. There are times where the expectation doesn’t meet the reality and you have to say, “I have to be patient.” There are so many lessons that we learn through business through embracing this journey.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone and that’s okay too. Knowing where your comfort zone and risk level is, there is a certain risk level that you have to have some tolerance for. Do you have some recommendations or ideas, especially for new entrepreneurs? I know a gal who is a wee bit younger than myself. She left a very secure job at a dental office after 30 years to launch a business. That’s scary. Is there some advice or insight that you would share with somebody like that?

KTR 122 | Women In Business

The Younger Self Letters

Risk-taking is a little bit of that innate feeling that you have. It’s fight-or-flight. If someone says jump, some people are going to say, “Hold on a minute.” Some people are going to have that leap of faith to jump and believe that whatever happens, they will figure it out. The real entrepreneurs who continuously keep going are the ones that keep jumping. It doesn’t mean that they always have a parachute, plan, have it all figured out or they always win.

It’s being okay with taking risks and saying, “No matter what happens, I will figure it out.” It’s being detached from the outcome to say, “No matter how this works out, I will find the good side in it.” A lot of times, people don’t launch anything because they are too afraid. They build up to it. When they do launch, sometimes it’s too late or it doesn’t meet their expectation. They leave very disappointedly. Do what you can, enjoy the journey and take the leap. With anything in life, there is a risk. There’s always that chance of something not working out, but it’s not a failure. It’s an experience.

You have tapped on not knowing if it’s always going to work out and such. We know that a lot of female business owners are forced to be resilient out of necessity and circumstances. There’s that old saying, “Necessity is the mother of all invention.” They are right in that about women. How does one future-proof their company to build resiliency within it? What are some ideas around? Not every time, they succeed. Sometimes, they don’t look like what you thought they were going to look like. What are some ways or safeguards to future-proof that?

We can’t say proof everything, unfortunately. I hope I will prove everything. It’s having the right values and purpose of why you are doing it. It’s instilling a certain mindset within your team, especially for those who perhaps are a little further forward in your journey and have a team around you. It’s coming from a mindset of, “It’s okay to fail and learn but my dedication to this is so strong. I will do whatever it takes and go over and above the Average Joe to achieve results.”

It’s building in that reward system, not only just for yourself but your team members. “Why should they care? Why should they go that extra mile? What is in it for them? What is their reward? Why should they be invested?” With any business, entrepreneurs are dream sellers. We sell that dream to our customers, clients, teams and families.

We have to sell the dream. Only when you sell the dream and people are so behind it. If you look at Apple and Steve Jobs, his customers are his biggest evangelists. That’s where the business resilience comes in. When you have a business and team, your mindset is strong and people are behind it, no matter what happens to you, they will want to finish your job.

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I have been fairly fortunate in my life because I can see the map of where I need to go or what I need to do, no matter what position I’m in. I have had an opportunity to be very successful at real estate. The reality is it does come back to purpose and passion. It’s okay to move on. I was very good at real estate. When we looked at the statistics, I was 6 and 7-figure repeatedly and in the top 5% of real estate pay. Sometimes it’s okay to evolve. What do you say to somebody who has built something and they are not still present? They are starting to get a little itchy. What would you share with that if you are coaching that person and they are going, “Something is not sitting right?”

There are many reasons why this could happen. Sometimes we build ourselves a business, which we think is a dream business, but we are building ourselves a box or job. It starts with the big question of, “How do I want my life to look like?” It’s building the rest of it around it because we romanticize and idolize the idea of what business we want to do, but we don’t always structure it in a way that will fit your lifestyle and what you need as a business owner.

As an entrepreneur, I have realized very quickly what it means to create a business that will give you a job and freedom. Over the years, I have focused more on creating the lifestyle. I have had to walk away from many commitments in my life to reinvent my life to fit the vision that I have had for myself. That has not been easy, but that is what I wanted for myself and I went for it.

They say, “Good is the enemy of great.” It’s easy to stay with something you know. It’s very scary sometimes to step out of something, “I have built this. I have X amount of dollars coming in. I’m good, but it’s not where the passion is anymore.” It’s hard to keep it on track. When we talk about keeping on track, it’s a good book. First of all, tell us a little bit about your book. You are a published author. Tell me what book you would recommend all women read aside from yours.

The book that I have co-authored completely happened by chance. The timing completely happened with the right project at the right time. I co-authored the book called The Younger Self Letters. It’s a compilation book.

Is this the advice you would give your younger self?

Yes. It’s finding yourself in a moment in time in your life, which was a big turning point. It’s a period where you felt an experience with trials and tribulations and how you were able to rebuild yourself after that. I have spoken to many authors in this book. We all have gone through almost a life-changing experience through authoring this book. I wrote about a period in my life where I lost my voice through a relationship that didn’t go the right way. It was toxic.

KTR 122 | Women In Business

Women In Business: That’s where business resilience comes in, when you have a business, a team, and your mindset is so strong and people are so behind it that no matter what happens to you, they will want to finish your job.


In the end, it felt so traumatic to me that he has left me without my voice for two years. It’s mentally and not necessarily physically. I was not able to speak. It has taken me many years to build back my confidence and identity as a woman because I felt like everything was taken away from me. I also find that voice and be able to speak on stages. I coach others to find their voice and power within themselves to speak. That’s what this book is about.

What is the book that you love that always lifts you? What author or book do you go to?

It’s something I’m reading. I love to pick up this book and have little insights. I truly enjoy it and I would recommend it, Good Vibes, Good Life. It’s so wonderful. It’s written by Vex King. There are life insights, lessons and a-ha moments that make you reflect. I’m a big fan of quotes and some motivational stuff. I have read many business books and there are many that I can recommend.

With something like this, I love to be able to pick it up and have that moment of inspiration for the day. Maybe you go on to write something on social media or content because you felt inspired. You felt something with these words. As someone who has lost her voice, I’m very careful about how I use words to communicate. Maybe sometimes use fewer words, but they all have meaning. That’s what I truly believe in. When we speak, we have to be selective about our words.

I typically will find articles and things along those lines that inspire me before I do any type of recording or commentary. Sometimes you need that little bit of additional energy to give you a direction. If you are constantly creating, which entrepreneurs are because they are in a constant creation mode, sometimes you need that little outside influence. That sounds like it would be a great book to have. It’s almost like an affirmation book in the morning with your coffee. I’m always looking for something.

We joke in my house that I’m the queen of resilience and my husband is the king of regret. He is not the king of regret because he married me. I’m the best thing in his life. I will tell you that over and over. We all joke because he is the pessimist and I’m the optimist. We always find a way to meet in the center. Our poor children barely survive childhood with the two of us. What is the one piece of advice or quote that has been your North Star?

It evolves and changes over time. I feel like I have been through many lifetimes already. As you go through it, things do change and evolve. There is something that I have been using for quite a while. That is, “Believe, achieve and inspire.” Believe first, for me, is about believing in yourself, your vision and your truth. Don’t allow anybody to make you question your truth. Believe is the first part of building a successful life for yourself. You believe in yourself.

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Achieve is about putting in the work, achieving what you said you would do, and following through on the words you have already spoken. Do the work. Achieve and stand for something great. Inspire is almost giving back. You have learned something. This is your time to give back and serve. Inspire others through your words, work, wisdom, and everything you believe in and what you stand for. I always come back to these three words because they truly do mean something to me.

You finished a book on doing that reflection and looking back. Can you offer a bit of advice to our twenty-something-year-olds out there? God loves them. They are going to come in and take over this world. I’m super excited to see what they bring. What would be the one piece of advice that you would offer these young women or your younger self?

We question ourselves too much. We wait too long to believe in ourselves and own who we are. Stand in our truth and speak up. We don’t need to wait for too long to feel confident and fill those shoes that we know we can fill. For anyone in their twenties, fill those shoes now. Be self-assured of where you are going of who you are. Confidently speak and communicate. Ask for what you want. Unless you ask, you don’t get it.

I know many meetings and situations I have been in. I didn’t ask for what I wanted and I kicked myself for it afterward. Never wait for anyone to offer you anything. Go and get it. Own that power that you already have because nobody has to give you permission and validation. I waited for validation and permission for far too long, only to realize that I never needed it. That’s what I encourage you all to do.

There was a study as to why so many female-founded and led new endeavors never scale to 7 and 8 figures. It was because they were waiting for perfection before they asked for the money, joint venture or anything along those lines. They are afraid that it’s not good enough. “I have to finish this over here and that over there.” I can tell everybody that on the first TV show I recorded, I had no clue what I was doing. I still ended up producing over 60 30-minute episodes for broadcast television. At the end of the day, nobody knows if you feel that you have no clue if you are walking with confidence. Can you share with us where our audience can find you?

You can find me on our website at WomenInBusiness.club. This is where you will find a little bit more about our community, events and some useful blogs that you would find interesting for your business. Follow my name on social media. I love to connect. If you feel inspired by this message, I always love to hear how did that impact you. If there was something that touched you, I would love for you to drop me a DM on social media. Wherever you can find me, I’m all across the social media platforms.

KTR 122 | Women In Business

Women In Business: Women wait for too long to feel confident to ill in those shoes that we know we can fill.


I’m super stoked to meet you. I’m looking forward to the day where we can take the Resilient Series Conference to England and have you be our host there. We will all sit up and have a great time because we are taking this global. The world is in a reset. We have had the pause and pandemic panic. We are pivoting and it’s time for progress. We’ve got this.

These last years have been an opportunity to reinvent. It is about, “Let’s go and get in.” I’m so excited to connect with you and your audience because I have the same ethos of empowering other women in working together. The more communities, sports, platforms, events, and opportunities for us to be together and work together internationally is the only way to create these platforms for women and all of us to enjoy. I want to encourage the women who are part of your community. You are the woman who makes communities happen. Without you, there wouldn’t be a community.

Whichever community you feel encouraged by, supported, and feel like home, I want you to actively be a part of it. Go to the events. Attend the conferences, webinars and collaboration meetings. Whatever it is, be actively involved because this is where you will find the opportunities to support networking and collaborations. Be as present as you can with the community that you love.

Community is the key. It’s community building. Build it strong and make it weather all sorts of things. It doesn’t matter what is thrown at us. We can weather it together. Thank you so much for sharing your time. You will be able to get your fuzzy slippers on and snuggle down with a cup of caramel or something. Thank you, everyone. Your time is the most valuable non-renewable resource that you have and you took a moment to share it with us.

I cannot thank you enough for investing your time and energy in our initiative and joining us on this journey of the Resilient Series. It’s the Resilient Women in Business Conference in Calgary and across North America. You can find me at KimTalks.club and ResilientSeries.club. We are always around. We are here to support and connect. Until next time. Be sure to like and subscribe.

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